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Don McGregor has become one of the foremost writers in comic books today. With almost thirty years of experience in the field, Don incorporates a deep understanding of human nature into his stories, blending humanity with humility and pain with glory.

He creates without compromise, making his characters' heroics poignantly real.  Don has an intense desire to know, to dare and to care about what he writes and these attributes come through in his passionate style.

Thirty years ago, before Sabre became a reality, this is what I heard.

"Don, who is going to buy a book about a black guy with a lot of guns?"

"What's his gimmick?"  "You're going to have sex in there?  Between a black man and white woman?" "$6.00 for a comic book!"
In the two years it took to produce this book you hold in your hands, I was asked if I was afraid someone would steal the concept, the idea.

Not in the least.  I knew most of the people in the business on some level at the time, and I knew many thought I was nuts to be doing this, and even if someone thought it could work on some level, they would never approach it as I would.  For better or worse, I would approach it in my own individualistic style.

Asburey Park Comic Con

Don McGregor is coming to Asbury Park Comicon
 April 12 & 13!

The legendary creator of one of the first American graphic novels, Detectives Inc., and Sabre, Don returns to the Asbury Park ComicCon for the second year.

Don McGregor

Ticket are onsale at  You may not have realized it; it’s been a little bit buried.  But bring your copies of Detectives Inc and Sabre and Ragamuffins and I’ll personalize and autograph them for you.  Mark your calendars, and stop by and say hello!